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Welcome to Bookkeepme, where we offer a comprehensive suite of business services tailored to help you run your business with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

serving businesses in providence, rhode island and throughout the entire usa!
Accounting Services

Total Cash Management
Financial Statement Preparation
Budgeting and Forecasting
Inventory Management
Lean Accounting

Bookkeeping Sevices

Monthly Review
Full Charge Bookkeeping
Bill Payments

Tax Services

Federal and State Tax Prep
Tax Planning
Sales and Use Tax Filing
Individual Tax Prep

Business Services

We offer many business services including, QuickBooks training for your team, Audit support, and much more.

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Who We Are & Why We Started

My name is Melissa Johnson, and I am the founder of Bookkeepme, LLC.

My motivation for starting this company came from my experience in public accounting preparing tax returns for numerous businesses and seeing the challenges they faced at year-end, as well as the significant effort necessary to ensure their financial records were accurate for their taxes. I realized there were many missed opportunities that were caused by imprecise records kept by their bookkeeper or business owners being unable to effectively understand their financial data. I was driven to make a meaningful difference and through God's grace, I am here today still pushing along to pass as much knowledge that I've gathered over the years to see that you are successful in your journey!

Founded in 2021, Bookkeepme is dedicated to helping businesses with honesty, professionalism, and care. Guided by strong values, we focus on delivering excellent financial services while building lasting relationships with clients.

Our experienced team assists businesses of all sizes in navigating financial difficulties by offering personalized services like accounting and bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning, and business coaching. We aim to positively impact our clients' lives, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve lasting growth.

We're thankful for the chance to serve and support our clients!

We Specialize In

industries we're familiar with, enabling us to provide tailored services to our clients. Our focus is not on acquiring every client, but rather on partnering with those we know we can truly benefit and make a positive impact on.

Construction Contractors

We have in-depth knowledge of the construction contractor industry and offer tailored accounting services to meet the unique needs and requirements of businesses within this sector. We understand the Revenue Recognition codes and teach out clients to create contract status reports and learn their burden rates.


SaaS Product

Navigating the complexities of sales and use tax for SaaS products can be challenging, but staying informed about state requirements is crucial for compliance with tax regulations. Our expertise in the capitalization process helps clients understand and ensure they have sufficient funds to cover these obligations, keeping their businesses on track.


E-Commerce & Retail

Our skilled team is committed to providing customized financial solutions that foster the growth and success of your e-commerce or retail business. We specifically cater to clients utilizing platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and PayPal.


Real Estate

Whether you own a single property or manage twenty, our team possesses the expertise necessary to accurately handle your financial records. Ensuring your numbers are in order is crucial for correct tax filing at year-end. We meticulously track everything from fixed assets to repairs and expenses, providing you with comprehensive financial management.



We embrace challenges and welcome niche businesses, partnering with you on the journey towards achieving financial clarity. Our expertise extends to businesses that defy conventional industry categories, ensuring accurate financial management that propels you towards success.

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